Find The Children, Part 2

Find The Children, Part 2

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So armed with my orders, a quick pulse, and a smirk, I strutted back to my office to work on my master plan.  I’ll cut to the chase and point out the operative word in that last statement.  “My.”  It didn’t take long, only a week, before I came to the hard conclusion that I have very little to offer this fight.  After waking up at 3AM a few consecutive mornings, I got the hint from God that in my planning I was defaulting to “my” plan and what “I” can offer.  I failed to totally submit my plan to Jesus for direction and counsel.  Thank you Jesus for 3AM epiphanies!  Very early this morning I re-identified with a few things I had forgotten. 

1) Jesus’ fierce intentionality to rescue his own.  John Eldridge taught me this in his book, Beautiful Outlaw.  My orders were already carried out perfectly 2000 years ago and I first need to learn from the Master, Jesus, as to how he submitted to His Father for the ultimate battle plan.

2) The battle of rescuing children is not of this world.  Ephesians 6:12, reminded me that, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  I had forgotten this for a time.  In constructing my plan I concentrated on my abilities and strayed from seeking the answers in God’s Word. 

These realizations came to me like the easing of a painful injury.  I so needed Jesus to show me the dangerous path of defaulting to my abilities instead of claiming His victory of an already won battle. 

Armed with this truth I am now ready to sit at the Master’s feet and listen.  I now can see Jesus smiling as He says, “Ready to follow Me? Now let’s go make a plan to find My children…”

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Yes! To some, the difference might seem subtle, or even a matter of, “of course that’s what you meant!” But the outspoken recognition that child rescue is more than taking children from the hands of their oppressors. Its all about putting them in the arms of Jesus — and that’s not something we can do under our own power. HE must be the one who rescues, or it is really no rescue at all. God bless Zoe for knowing that truth, and living it out with every child!

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