The Boy Who Cried Out To God

The Boy Who Cried Out To God

The story below is true, but the name has been changed to protect our child’s identity and dignity.

Considering that the U.S. State Department estimates that 2 million children are enslaved in the global commercial sex trade, it would be all too easy to throw up our hands and say “What can I do?” But if we instead reach out with those same hands to help one child at a time, we will make a difference!  Bpet’s is one life that we have had the privilege of touching through ZOE.

Bpet, age 12, worked at a locked-down brothel where he was forced to have sex with men multiple times a day.  He never left the brothel and the only time he was allowed outside was to go into a small courtyard enclosed with high walls where he could get some fresh air.

One night, during a break, Bpet stood outside looking up at the stars shining in the dark night sky. He shouted to the sky “Is there a God?! Is this my life? Do you see what is happening to me?!  If there is a God, why don’t You help me?!”

The very next day, ZOE’s Child Rescue Team, along with police, raided the brothel and rescued Bpet.  When Bpet recounted his story to us, he was convinced that it was no coincidence that he was rescued the day after he cried out to God.

Please join with us in crying out to God for the rescue of boys and girls who are enslaved in human trafficking! If you want to help ZOE as we continue searching for and finding trafficking victims, please donate here.

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