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Beating the Odds!

Beating the Odds!

written by Andrea Cross, missionary at ZOE Children’s Homes

The odds are stacked against the more than 20,000 young people who age out of foster care in America each year.

Did you know that nearly half drop out of high school, and those who make it to college rarely graduate? Several studies also show that “without a lifelong connection to a caring adult, these older youth are often left vulnerable to a host of adverse situations.” (Covenant House)

Now while the ZOE Children’s Homes is not the same as the foster care system, as you can imagine, there can be similar challenges when children finish school and start to head out by themselves into the big wide world!!

While we recognize that the transition to university/college or work must occur, we do not want to see any of our children unprepared for independent living or feeling like they are suddenly all alone.

With foster children in America the rates of arrest, health problems, homelessness and welfare dependency are far higher than those of the population as a whole.

As ZOE means LIFE, we want to see all our kids succeed through life’s transitions. We want them to go on to become successful, happy adults in their chosen career, following their dreams, loving LIFE and living it to the full.

ZOE’s Transitional Program (TP) aims to offer guidance and support to young adults leaving the children’s home and moving forward with their education, or work, goals.

The TP is based at the Transitional House in the city. The house is in a central location and close to all the main universities. The program offers:

  • tutoring/ study assistance
  • English language classes
  • spiritual mentoring/ weekly prayer and Bible study
  • social get-togethers and opportunities to have fun
  • accountability
  • a safe and comfortable place to “hang-out” and bring university friends or study groups.

We are so excited about this new program and so are ZOE kids that are already a part of it along with the ones coming through the Life Skills program, leading up to transition.

We look forward to updating you more about the house and the program as it develops further.

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