4 Ways to Have a Successful VBS!

4 Ways to Have a Successful VBS

by Karen Miyamoto, Donor Relations Manager

Oh the joys of Vacation Bible School!  It’s definitely a lot of work and man power, but when do you have a captive audience of children for an entire week where you get to share the gospel, play games, sing songs and eat snacks!  It’s also a great opportunity to share Jesus with children who would otherwise never get to hear His word.  That is powerful!  To have a successful VBS this year, follow the tips below.  Remember, you are changing lives!

1. Plan Early – Planning early for your VBS is crucial.  This will give you ample time to make any changes needed before the big day.

2. Round Up Volunteers – Volunteers are key to having a successful VBS.  You don’t want to over recruit so people are standing around but you want to have enough that all areas are well covered.  Inviting people to assist you during the week of VBS also empowers them to use their gifts and talents.  The youth at your church are great additions to your volunteer group.

3. Choose a Mission Project – Songs, crafts, stories and food are all great components of VBS but when you incorporate a mission project, it can bring your VBS to a new level.  Children want to help so why not allow them to make a difference!  ZOE has a great tool that can be used during your VBS.  Kids Helping Kids is a great outreach program where children are given plastic tubes to collect change. The change collected in these tubes goes towards the caring of the children at ZOE in Thailand.  The best part of the program?  It is free of cost to you! 

4. Communicate with Parents – Parents are entrusting you to care for their children for the week.  The more information you can give them, the better they can plan. 

Have Fun! – VBS equals fun!  This may require you to step out of your comfort zone but the kids will love returning!  If you are having fun, guaranteed, the children will as well.

To incorporate ZOE’s Kids Helping Kids into this year’s VBS, contact us today!

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