Heartfelt Gratitude

Heartfelt Gratitude

Written by Betsy Meenk, USA Regional Director

Of all the events we do at ZOE, our annual Volunteer Luncheon is my favorite.  It is a time when we have the joy of celebrating the people who give selflessly to ZOE throughout the year.  It is an opportunity to thank people who show up at the office week after week to stuff envelopes, shred paper, do data entry and a variety of other tedious but necessary tasks.  It is a chance to thank those who work to help us put on our annual Rescue Walk and man our ZOE tables at conferences.   It is an occasion when we attempt to thank the many people who help us do what we do to reach every person with the gospel and rescue every child from human trafficking.  We often find ourselves struggling to find adequate vocabulary to express our deep and heartfelt gratitude to the people who give so much of their time, talent and passion to ZOE.  

This year, our theme for the luncheon was about being life savers.  Our volunteers play a major role in saving the lives of children who are orphaned or have been trafficked as well as saving the lives of those who are lost without Jesus.  By doing all the things they do throughout the year, our ZOE volunteers are throwing out a lifeline to our staff and ultimately to the ones we have been called to rescue. 

Each year we select a Volunteer of the Year.  It truly is a very difficult task!  This year Mike Stevenson was selected as our Volunteer of the Year for his selfless service.  He is always doing something behind the scenes, getting things done and never looking for any recognition.  So of course we needed to recognize him!

Thank you ZOE volunteers for another great year! 

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