Not “Mush-room:” Our Newest Self-Sustainability Project

ZOE Foundation Australia Funds Mushroom Hut

Led by missionary Les Ginoza, ZOE is always trying to think of new ways to become self-sufficient. This is derived from the value of stewardship, and we believe that by working hard to become as efficient and self-sustainable as possible, we are better stewards of the blessings God has given us.

Our past projects include the pig farm, consisting of more than 50 pigs, which saves the kitchen hundreds of dollars a year. We’ve also systematized the farming at ZOE, and now that we have experienced and educated agriculture staff, most of our vegetables come straight from our own organic and pesticide-free garden.

Most recently, however, is the creation of our very own mushroom hut. Funded by ZOE Foundation Australia, we’ve been able to build a hut designed for trapping moisture and darkness, which is essential for the proper cultivation of mushrooms. Through the know-how of our agriculture staff, the project is about to launch with the expectation of producing anywhere between 500 to 2,000 pounds of mushrooms each year!

Mushrooms are a valuable source of fiber, protein, and iron; not to mention, many other nutrients. So in addition to producing food efficiently, the production of mushrooms will also provide needed nutrition to all the children rescued from human trafficking.

Lastly, the new hut is so nice that the missionary men have considered moving our offices out there. It would become the fun guy hangout. Although, on second thought, there wouldn’t be mush-room for all of us.

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