Young and Missions Minded

I love when the young generation gets involved in making a difference. There’s just something special about the entire experience. Not only is it great to see them being heroes in society, but I believe by getting involved, it’s a great start to shaping their future.

This month, I wanted to spotlight Paige Chabot. Paige has been a longtime supporter of ZOE, and she’s only 14. Read her interview below.

Thank you Paige for your continuous support toward ZOE. You are such a blessing!

Name: Paige Chabot

Age: 14

How did you hear about ZOE?

My mother got me involved with ZOE.  I don’t remember where she heard about ZOE from.

At what age did you start supporting ZOE?

I believe I was about seven or eight when I started to support ZOE.

What are some ways you have supported ZOE in the past?

I have raised money for ZOE when I was younger by having lemonade stands and participating in the quarter tube fundraisers for Kids Helping Kids. I have also raised money during my birthday parties by giving my guest the option to donate money instead of giving me a gift.  

What was the best memory of your mission trip to ZOE this past February?

One of my favorite memories, and I have a lot, was probably worshiping with the ZOE kids. I loved seeing how devoted they were and exited these kids were to spend time with the lord.

What kind of things did you do while on your mission trip?

We went to some schools and did outreaches. We handed out goodie bags (after making 1,000 of them) to families in the village we visited and preached to them too. We also saw elephants, met some amazing kids at ZOE, played games with kids at the schools, and hosted a luau for the ZOE family at the Children’s Home.

Would you go again? If so, why?

I would definitely go again. It was a great experience; if I was able to go again, I would definitely invite one or two of my friends to come along with me.

Favorite Food: well if you’re asking what my favorite food was during the trip, I would have to say all of it. Except the spicy food, not a fan of that. In general, I like everything!

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