Celebrating “Mama” Vickie

About Mama Vickie

Many of you know that Vickie McCoy is ZOE’s first stateside missionary. In 2013, after years of sharing her time and talent with ZOE, she left her job of over 20 years to begin serving here full-time. As she was preparing to make this major life change, she shared with coworkers that she would serve as a houseparent, providing loving hands-on care for children rescued from human trafficking in Los Angeles.

One of her coworkers called her a short time later and said, “All I keep hearing is ‘Mama Vickie.’”

Working alongside Vickie, I often have the privilege of seeing what a strong and tender mother’s heart she has. Even as she manages the many administrative tasks of developing the program and preparing to open ZOE Children’s Homes – Los Angeles, she keeps her eyes on the deepest purpose. God has given her a love for kids she has yet to meet.

Vickie is characterized by wisdom, compassion, and a contagious sense of humor. These qualities will help her to do an outstanding job in her new role. I have no doubt that God will work through Vickie to bring restoration to children whose hearts ache for a loving mother figure.

“Mama Vickie” will be a blessing to many and an extension of ZOE’s belief in the healing power of family.

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