Offering a Home and a Hope

Love in the ZOE Home

A child: nameless, homeless, hopeless, and alone. Her captors taught her that she was only as good as the services she could provide. Even if she met expectations, she was told that she would never be worth anything. Her ears rang with the lies:

No one will ever care about me,

No one loves me,

I will never be anything.

This is the story of many child trafficking victims who come to ZOE. They have been deceived into believing they have no worth and taught that they will never amount to anything. What can bring a child out of such lies and allow them to know her true identity?

At ZOE, we believe that love and grace are key in everything we do to care for these children. You cannot know the truth without knowing love and grace.

This child, once homeless, is offered a new beginning at ZOE. A home that one house parent describes as a castle. Isn’t that what the gospel is all about? Taking us lowly sinners into the throne room of the King? Just as He pours out grace on us by making a place for us in His home, the children who come to ZOE are welcomed into the ZOE Home and given a new status. Our kids believe that they don’t deserve anything more than the abuse and pain they have endured, yet they are offered a home and a hope for their future. This is grace!

A ZOE mom feels the ZOE Home is a reminder of the kind of love God has poured out on us. Just as Christ freely loves us without condition, the children at ZOE are welcomed without condition. Just as Christ welcomes each of us into his family with open arms, we welcome all kids to be a part of the ZOE family. No prerequisites; no services required. This is love!

At ZOE, we know that this is the kind of grace and love that our children need to know and experience.

This ZOE mom concludes by saying, “It is my joy to care for children and see them grow up in a home that has love as the foundation of their lives.”

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