Leadership Training at ZOE

ZOE Ministry School Teaches Leadership

ZOE Ministry School is a two-year program designed to train local men and women for ministry in Thailand. For ZOE International, this means a holistic, comprehensive education. Not only should young disciples be equipped with the knowledge of the Word of God, but they should also learn business and management practices, English, and of course leadership skills.

Their routine is rigorous, as they wake up at dawn to begin devotions, prayer, and worship. (For more information about their routine, watch this quick video.) At first glance, one might think any person would weaken or fade under such a packed schedule, but these young men and women inevitably rise to the occasion. After the first week, they brighten even further than when they first arrived, and you can tell that the Spirit of God is dwelling in them to the fullest.

Once these two years have been completed, most of the ZOE students go off to do great things. Some stay at ZOE to become full-time staff, some return to their home villages to spread the gospel, others plant churches, and some join other ministries that more closely resemble their own callings and gifts.

The vision of the ZOE Ministry School is to train up world-class leaders and, until that vision is complete, the ministry school will continue to improve and grow. Thank you for your continued support of the ZOE Ministry School and its vision to see the world transformed through leadership and the gospel.

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