My Generation, My Fight

Help End Modern Day Slavery With ZOE

We love the term ”My Generation, My Fight” because it tells us that we have a responsibility to fight for what is right in our generation. It affects everyone and not just the new, younger generations. No matter which generation you were born in or where you were born, the term should engage us all to do something.

We are really excited for what is to come at ZOE! We believe that more and more people will engage in the fight to end modern day slavery. This fall, there will be numerous opportunities for YOU to get involved in the fight against human trafficking!

We invite you to attend Step of Hope on August 1st. It’s a benefit dance show to spread human trafficking awareness and raise funds for ZOE through the arts. We also welcome you to join us for our 4th Annual ZOE Rescue Walk on November 14th in Sylmar, CA, to bring awareness to the issue of child trafficking, as we bring focus to “Change One Story.”

By simply sharing with your friends and family about modern day slavery and becoming involved, you make a conscious action to make the term: “My Generation, My Fight” a reality in your own life!

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