Could I Become A Victim of Human Trafficking?

Many students have never thought of the possibility of becoming a victim of human trafficking. The truth is that approximately 300,000 youth run away from home in the U.S every year. (US Department of Justice) 1 in 3 teen runaways are approached by someone in the sex-trade within the first 48 hours. These are some harsh, real statistics.

This is why we believe our outreach to schools and youth is important. Over the past few months, through our My Generation, My Fight team, we’ve been able to visit with college and high school students in the Los Angeles area to share about human trafficking. We’ve been teaching the students about how to protect themselves and others, recognize signs of human trafficking and ways to get involved in the fight. We continue to encounter people that are not aware that slavery is still a huge issue today. 

We’ve encountered many eager students. It gives us great hope for the future, seeing the younger generation make a stand against slavery.

To end human trafficking, we need the energy and voices of people all ages; all those who want to do something to fight this injustice.

If you are a student/teacher/parent and would like us to come to your school, please contact us.

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