College Students Compelled to Action

Students Fight Human Trafficking

This summer, we’ve received many exciting opportunities to share about the work ZOE does. Getting invited to share our stories at different events not only helps us spread the love of God and human trafficking awareness, but it is also inspiring to meet many like-minded students who want to fight human trafficking.

In late July, we went to downtown Los Angeles to share with college students from all over the United States who had volunteered eight weeks of their summer vacation to serve in the inner city. We got to tell them about ZOE’s work to end child trafficking and our vision for a children’s home in Los Angeles. The college students were interested, engaged, and owned up to the mindset that this is “my generation, my fight.”

Reflecting on the time we had together, I can’t help but remember what these college students were doing in order to help people in need. They sacrificed their summer for the sake of others; giving up to see someone else’s life changed.

I went there to talk about ZOE’s work and to inspire the college students to get more involved in fighting against human trafficking. Yet by the time I left, I was the one inspired.

There are more good people than bad people. The college students we met are action-oriented and living out compassion. What can you do today to help and inspire someone else?

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