Some of These Kids Know What it Means to Go Without

Hope Chapel Del Rey Westchester

Summer is coming to an end. Wow, what a great season it has been for ZOE’s Kids Helping Kids program! Supporting churches as well as brand new churches took part and had a great time teaching children about giving to others and learning how far their money goes in Thailand. The feedback from Children’s Ministry leaders all around the U.S. has been so positive. Thank you to all those that participated this summer!

Let’s take a peek into how Hope Chapel Del Rey Westchester used the Kids Helping Kids program during their 2015 Vacation Bible School.

Our church collected $371. We only had 70 kids so it was a success for us. The children really understood what they were giving towards.  We gave out gems for good behavior throughout the day and they were able to buy things at the store. Our church and members donated quarters. The kids had the option of trading in a gem for a quarter to give to ZOE and many would give all they had. Many of our children live in shelters or the like so this gave them the opportunity to still give to others even if they don’t have the resources to give otherwise. Some of them were the most generous perhaps because they understood what it means to go hungry or to be abused.

Our days were always packed and our main emphasis is bringing the Gospel to the kids. 

Thank you for allowing ZOE to be our mission’s focus. It was a blessing.

Thank you Hope Chapel Del Rey Westchester for not only helping those in need in Thailand, but also motivating and encouraging children here in the States!

Interested in Kids Helping Kids for your church or family? Contact Karen for more information.

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