“I always wondered who He was.”

108-Year-Old Man Learns About God

ZOE’s vision is to fulfill God’s dream that every person on earth will know Him and possess eternal Life through Jesus Christ; and, that in lands where Christ is unknown, His love will be experienced, His Kingdom will reign, His Church will be built, His disciples will multiply, and He will be glorified for who He is.

A team from ZOE on a child rescue investigation was visiting a very poor mountain village one day when they had an opportunity to live out this vision firsthand. After crossing a stream and climbing up a long hill, they began going hut to hut asking questions and seeking answers about this child rescue case. They came upon a very small hut that was home to a 108-year-old man. He lived with his 98-year-old wife and 68-year-old daughter. As his feeble body curled up into a ball on a small wooden chair, he engaged in conversation and a relationship between the old man and one of the ZOE team members began to develop.

She asked him, “Has anyone ever told you about Jesus?” The answer that came from a man who had lived on this earth for 108 years was stunning. “I think I saw a picture of Him once and always wondered who he was.” When asked if the team could tell him about Jesus, he replied with an enthusiastic YES! Once Jesus was made known to this precious family, they received Him readily as their Lord and Savior.

Whether we are rescuing children from human traffickers, teaching a Bible School class, handing out food packs, training kids in life skills, sitting on a human trafficking task force, or any number of other tasks and activities, our focus at ZOE is always on our vision to make God known so that people will experience His love through us.

This old man waited over a century to hear about Jesus. Who in your sphere of influence is wondering who He is?

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