Finally, Something to Get Excited About!

Missionary Teaches Student Excitement

Being the Vocational Training Director at ZOE, I have plenty of opportunity to interact with teen boys and girls, and I am thankful for my time with them. It is certainly a change of pace for them, as many are used to traditional education like math, science, history, and language study. Instead of pushing a pencil all day or reading books, they get to use their hands. They get to learn by doing.

One student in particular has blossomed. Before, it was hard to figure him out. No one really knew what his dreams or goals were, as he stoically participated in whatever was put in front of him. Nothing seemed to excite him. Recently, I began to see a change in his attitude and demeanor, and I had the chance to sit down and talk with him.

I asked how he liked the construction class, and I expected the same answer I’d received from the other students, “It’s a lot of hard work.” I was mentally preparing myself to respond, as the class was only a few hours a day, and if the students were to continue in the construction career path, much harder work would be in store for them. I thought about tactfully saying something like, “It’s only going to get harder” or “This is preparing you for more difficult work.” However, he interrupted my line of thought with a response I did not expect.

“I love it,” he blurted a bit louder than he meant to.

I was shocked by his enthusiasm, but I thought back to his performance over the preceding months and it made sense. He has been the first to respond to duties and lessons and, rather than preferring to sit and watch others, he would jump up to practice his new skills.

We continued to talk over the next few minutes, but one thing became clear. Whether he would eventually work in construction or not, he had finally found something he was excited about and this excitement was teaching him how to work hard and devote himself to a goal. I am very excited to see him progress over the next few terms, and I know that he has begun to put himself on a path toward success.

It is the heart of a missionary to make God known to those around them. This story is one of many that play out every day at ZOE as our missionaries love, direct, and teach our ZOE children. Think about supporting one of our missionaries, as they pour into the lives of the child trafficking survivors at ZOE.

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