Can I Make A Difference?

Ways to Fight Human Trafficking Together

Most of us have heard about human trafficking and have a general understanding of what it is. Now that we know the problem, can we take the time to learn more? Something as simple as learning the signs of human trafficking could potentially save or prevent someone from getting lured into the dark world of trafficking.

At ZOE, we believe in equipping our generation to fight human trafficking.

Many people have said they want to help in this fight, but they don’t know where to start beyond the obvious ways of prayer and donations. Through our new program “My Generation, My Fight,” you will learn practical ways you can get involved. The program will provide you with useful tools on how to talk to others about human trafficking, how to recognize signs of human trafficking, how to start the conversation in your community, and how to host a child trafficking awareness and fundraising event. We will be launching this new program in the beginning of 2016.

Together, in our generation, we can make a difference in ending child trafficking!

If you are interested in having a ZOE representative come share about this program with your school, activity group, business, or church, contact Hanne.

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