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Praying to End Human Trafficking

“Prayer is the greatest of all forces, because it honors God and brings him into active aid.”  E.M. Bounds

Prayer brings God into earth’s circumstances. If ever there was a circumstance that needed divine intervention, it is the issue of human trafficking. January has been declared Human Trafficking Awareness Month and, in addition to spreading awareness, ZOE is joining many other organizations in dedicating this month to concentrated prayer regarding this issue. We have come up with some tools and activities you can do to help you focus on this topic of prayer.

Each Monday, throughout the month of January, we will post on our Facebook page daily prayer points taken from our Awake to Prayer Cards. If you want more in-depth study, you can download our Call To Prayer Book. Both of these tools are also available in hard copy from our office. Contact Karen if you are interested.

We will be emailing daily prayer points for the 31 days of January. If you would like to receive those, sign up below.

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Our prayer room at the ZOE offices in Santa Clarita will also be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4pm for anyone who would like to stop by and pray. Our staff will also be dedicating extra time to prayer.

Human trafficking is a dark, multi-faceted, subversive, and ever-growing evil on the earth today and it is only the power of our Almighty and just God that will bring an end to it.

“Earthly scenes of need must be penetrated by God’s “will here as in heaven.” Either the weakness of man’s rule (the flesh) or the viciousness of hell’s works (the devil) will prevail. God’s power alone can change things and bring heaven’s rule (kingdom) instead, and the honor and the glory of prayer’s answers are His. However, the praying is ours to do; unless we ask for the intervention of His kingdom and obey His prayer-lessons, nothing will change. All kingdom ministry begins with, is sustained by, and will triumph through prayer.”  – Jack Hayford

Your prayers hold up our rescue team when they are tired and weary. Your prayers guide our leaders when they have to make important decisions on behalf of innocent children every day. Let us pray–together!

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