Leaving A Legacy

Our Fight to End Child Trafficking

What You Can Do to Help

Last year was busy at ZOE! Throughout 2015, we were able to share with thousands of people about the work we are doing to fight child trafficking worldwide. In the fall, we hosted two major events, the ZOE Fundraising Gala and the 4th Annual Rescue Walk. We believe whatever you do in love as you give in this fight to end child trafficking will contribute to rescuing children from human trafficking, educating someone at risk of being trafficked or helping a human trafficking survivor heal and grow.

As the new year starts, we are gearing up and in full planning mode for 2016. We are excited about what is to come. We have started our year off  by dedicating the month of January to 31 Days of Prayer. The type of work we do we know we can’t do alone. God has to be with us, leading, directing, and protecting us. It’s not too late to join in and become involved in praying during the month of January. If you would like to get a daily prayer point in your inbox that is focused on human trafficking, click the button below.

31 Days of Prayer

Keep an eye out for our new outreach program called My Gen My Fight that will be launching in February. It is focused on giving people practical tools to spread awareness, teach others, and get involved in the fight to end trafficking.

We are so thankful for all of you who have committed to partnering with us! The song lyrics below that were sung at the end of our Gala by guest artist Jan Davis is a reminder that you are making a stand against child trafficking and you are making an eternal difference… leaving a legacy.

“A gift that moves from your hand to my heart,
a hope that breathes from your heart to my life,
a strength that gives extended that I may live,
a song that sings inside me when I forget.

Your legacy lives on far beyond what eyes can see,
reaching beyond our heart throughout eternity.
May others come to know such love unselfishly
and when your life is done, God says well done for you,
you have left a legacy.”

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