Helping Just One Be Free

My Gen My Fight

When ZOE co-founder Carol Hart was a child, she learned about the shameful history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the pain and suffering it caused to generations of innocent people. Although she knew there was no way she could ever change the past, she wholeheartedly cried out to God stating, “I would do anything to have been able to help just one of them be free!”

As a teen, the moment Carol learned about the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, her stomach turned once again with unacceptable disgust. She thought, “Did the rest of the world know this was happening?” Again, she said to God, “I wish I were alive then. I wish I could have done something–anything to help.”

But Carol wasn’t alive during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nor the Holocaust. As an adult, Carol along with her husband, Michael, were enjoying the fruit of the couple’s great success in business, Christian ministry, and life. One Sunday, they heard a missionary woman share about the trafficking of children in Thailand and the reality of modern day slavery. The couple set out to discover the truth about human trafficking. What they learned was a huge and ever-growing, worldwide industry that uses innocent children as labor slaves, beggar slaves, and sex slaves. This reality changed life as they knew it from that moment on. Carol and Mike were both alive, so they said, “This is my generation. This is my fight!”

Today, we are launching a new program called “MyGenMyFight.” This is dedicated to those who have a genuine desire to fight human trafficking and to make a difference in changing the lives of the oppressed innocents who are being sold and used as slaves. If you are one of those who has a passion to DO SOMETHING, but you’re not quite sure how to engage or where to start, this program is for you.

Check out our new website that has tools and materials to help you be a part of changing one story in the fight against human trafficking.

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