Answered Prayer

Prayer Moves ZCHLA Forward

In January, we asked you to join our ZOE family as we spent 31 days in concentrated prayer. We asked God to provide “Eyes to see the Hurting,” “Families for the Lonely,” “Paths of escape for those Enslaved,” and much more. We prayed daily for so many different things.

On January 28th, three days before the end of our month of prayer, we received a phone call from DCFS, the Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles County. They called to ask us for our Program Statement. (This is the formal document that explains how we will take care of the children that will be in our care at ZCHLA.)

This was such exciting news because they were reaching out to us to meet a need they have. Up to this point, we had been asking them if they could help us work toward receiving our licensing. This shift is such a huge answer to prayer!

Please continue to pray. There is so much movement happening with ZCHLA right now.

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