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Knowledge Is Power

Learn How to Stop Sex Trafficking

“Knowledge is Power,” says Francis Bacon. I love this quote and believe it so very much. Many people are becoming more aware of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). You have probably noticed this increase in awareness as you come across more news stories and references to the commercial sexual exploitation of children on your Facebook feeds.

As a team, we receive information on so many different trainings throughout the county every week. Here are a couple of the trainings we went to and some information gleaned from them.

What the Tech

“What the Tech” was so informative. Did you know that there are just under 3 billion Internet users in the world? There are more than a billion smartphones and more than 2 trillion Google searches made every year. Cyberspace is like a big city. There are libraries, universities, museums, places to have fun, and plenty of opportunities to meet wonderful people. But, like any community, there are also some people and areas that you need to avoid and others that you should approach with caution. Keep in mind that online predators and human traffickers go to the same places our kids go. Please educate your children on the dangers of the Internet.

Engaging and Empowering Commercially Sexually Exploited Children and Transitional Age Youth

“Engaging and Empowering CSEC and Transitional Age Youth” was a two-day training. It was jam-packed with sex trafficking information and tools we can use when we have children in our home. Don’t just respond to the behavior, but think about the triggers behind the behavior too. That is some good advice if you are raising kids. Children who are being sexually exploited intuitively believe that they will not be around for a long time. Their choices reflect this thinking. Did you know that, once a girl enters the commercial sex industry, her average life expectancy is seven years? (1) If the average age of a girl entering the sex trafficking industry is 12, then she may be dead by the age of 19. What?!!

We need to change this.

Would you make a commitment to becoming educated on sex trafficking? Please look at our My Gen My Fight website and direct friends, family, and youth you know to that site. The information there can help them become more educated on this atrocity and help stop human trafficking.

Together, we are going to help restore children right here in Los Angeles County. We are going to give them something to live for and help them to have the futures they were meant to have. Thank you for all of your support.


(1) Canadian Medical Association Journal. “Prostitution laws: health risks and hypocrisy.” – July 24, 2004


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