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Strange Light at ZOE

Agriculture in Thailand

A few weeks ago, ZOE was treated to a spectacular light show that lasted two nights. What caused this? Below is a picture of the same shot during the day. This was taken at the bottom of the ZOE property showing the large fire burning in the background! 

Every year, many people all over Thailand set fire to the surrounding areas. Much of this is part of the slash and burn cycles that farmers use to clear land for planting.  The burnt ash is a nutrient-rich form of soil enhancement that helps crops grow better. In addition to this, many Thai’s do this to enhance the probability of increasing wild mushroom production during the rainy season, which then can be harvested. Others use this as a way to drive animals down to an area where they can be caught for food. Most likely, it is a combination of one, two or all three reasons. 

However, the downfall is that it causes significant air pollution! During this time of year, air pollution levels reach dangerously high levels. Many young children and elderly adults end up in the hospitals with respiratory problems. While the government has tried to ban this practice of burning areas, it is still widespread and engrained in the culture.

This year is especially dangerous because of the water shortages in Thailand. If fires run out of control, there will be little that can be done to stop these man-made fires! Thankfully, this fire burned out by itself and ZOE remained safe!

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