Targeting the “World Changers”

Arleta High School Fights Human Trafficking

Team Prevent Making a Difference

Since we launched MyGenMyFight earlier this year, we’ve received some great feedback from students, teachers, leaders, and pastors. Our goal with MyGenMyFight is to engage as many people as possible in the fight to stop human trafficking. By first targeting students, youth, and young adults, we hope to spread human trafficking awareness to the Millennial generation who are known to be “world changers.” We want to encourage them to use their gifts, passions, and creativity to make a difference. 

We are encouraged by our new friends at Arleta High School. They’ve started a group called PREVENT. Their group’s initiative won the Inaugural Challenge for Unified High Schools, Los Angeles 2016, which challenged the students to identify an issue troubling their community and work over the course of seven weeks to devise a solution. 

“Branding themselves Team Prevent, the Arleta students opted to work on a plan to curb human trafficking, a challenge presented at the Jan. 23 kick-off by Holly Priebe-Sotello from the District’s Office of Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity. They conducted data analysis and community surveys, held school-wide assemblies to raise awareness, and partnered with community organizations like ZOE International, a non-profit that helps victims of human trafficking in the U.S. and Thailand. The team also raised money by selling Team Prevent shirts – emblazoned with their heart-shaped logo – and collected clothes, shoes, blankets, and other items to donate to victims of human trafficking. They created a “No Traffick Campaign” on social media, using the hashtags #ahsprevent and #ZOEprevent to promote positive self-images and reduce the likelihood that a student would fall victim to trafficking. Their exhibit included a ‘cage’ holding paper cranes inscribed with messages of peace. Visitors were asked to use wire cutters to open the cage and free the birds and accompanying messages of peace as a metaphor for promoting love and freedom.” – LAUSD Daily

The passion of these students inspires us. It’s wonderful to see people engaged in the fight against human trafficking. Everyone can do something to educate himself and to engage in the fight. Learn more on our MyGenMyFight website.

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