Life is a Highway: Camp at ZOE Children’s Homes

Camp at ZOE Children’s Homes


Every April and October at ZOE Children’s Homes in Thailand, we put on two camps simultaneously: one for the teens and one for the children. When camp rolls around at ZOE International, we go all out! In April, these camps last two weeks and it is a crazy, happy time for ZOE children. This year, our theme was “Life is a highway.”

One of the activities that had everyone guessing this year was a game where ZOE missionaries and staff submitted little tidbits about themselves. The kids had ONE chance to choose who they thought it was. The first person to get it right would win a prize! IF NO ONE GUESSED CORRECTLY, then the person who submitted her clues gets the prize! How cool is that? Then, every day during camp, a new person’s clues is put up, so the kids would have other chances to win!

So much happens at ZOE on a daily basis. We try to create an environment that is safe and fun, and filled with love, so that the kids can become fully whole and restored. Camp is one thing that the kids (and staff) at ZOE look forward to all year long!

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