Students Spreading Human Trafficking Awareness

Newer statistics tells us that human traffickers target and prey on America’s teenagers. They are looking for the vulnerable, the lonely, the bullied, the homeless, and the insecure. However, in reality, human traffickers prey on anyone who will give them the time of day.

75% of human trafficking victims were either approached or sold on the Internet or social media (1) . Traffickers send out mass messages to see who will start a conversation with them, so they can start grooming their victims. This is why it is so important for us to educate our youth! More and more students are making a stand and saying: “This is My Generation and I will Fight to make sure none of my friends and loved ones will ever be tricked into modern day slavery.”

We are very excited that many students and teens are spreading awareness about human trafficking to their peers. This past week, West Ranch High School’s Unlikely Heroes student club hosted a large event in their auditorium. There were about 400 students in attendance and they had a CSEC (commercially sexually exploited child) survivor share her story.

The Criminology class at Cal Lutheran University did a service project for ZOE to help us become more effective with our outreach program MyGenMyFight. They did research on human trafficking, including victim trauma informed care, therapy options, and recent policies. They researched various universities and their engagement and awareness of human trafficking. They also researched processes of starting a campus club, and they did an evaluation of the MyGenMyFight Toolkit.

More and more are becoming involved and are spreading human trafficking awareness. Yet, as we know from Cal Lutheran University’s Criminology class’ research, many schools and teens still do not know very much about human trafficking. So we keep fighting. We keep reaching out to as many schools and teens as possible to spread the knowledge that we have gained. If you know of any schools, youth groups, or justice clubs that would like us to come share with them, please contact us.


(1) https://www.wearethorn.org/child-trafficking-statistics/

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