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How Much Drinking Water?

Have you ever wondered how much water we drink at ZOE? Probably not, but just for your information, here it is!

As of 2016, we order 50 bottles (20 liters each) EVERY WEEK! These water bottles are ONLY USED FOR DRINKING. We have multiple water coolers set up all around ZOE, so this is the most efficient way to make sure everyone has clean water to drink. How much does all this cost per week? About $30 per week delivered! The annual cost is about $1,560 per year!

In addition to this, we have a water purification drinking station that everyone uses. We have stainless steel cups on drying racks that everyone uses. To keep things sanitary, every child has their OWN CUP! How do they know which cup belongs to them? Each cup is individually numbered, so each child knows what number they are!

Watch this video to see more of what family life is like at ZOE Children’s Home!


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