Not too busy to pray

Through the busy season, I am reminded that God is closer than we know. A lot is happening and sometimes it feels like we are running from one place to another. But the moments we get together to pray have been so refreshing.

Every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm, we have prayer for an hour at the US office.  It is open to anyone who has a heart to fight human trafficking through prayer. We also have a prayer room that is available during our office hours.

In Thailand, the whole ZOE family gets together for prayer every Monday night. Lights are turned down low and worship music turned up.  Everyone is free to do what they like.  Some walk around and find someone to pray for.  Other children are on their knees pouring out their hearts to God the whole time. If you ever visit our children’s home in Thailand, I hope you get to experience this.

The work we do can feel overwhelming sometimes. Without time in prayer, I don’t think I would be able to do it. We believe in prayer! I created a campaign in 2014 inspired by the MyGenMyFight story called “Dance 4 Freedom” and some of the wonderful dancers who donated their time and talent continually put out dance videos. I came across this video, and it led me into a time of prayer. When I close my eyes and start praying I often picture myself out in the nature, down by the river a lot like this video.

Wherever and whenever you pray, know that you are making a difference by inviting God into earth’s circumstances.

If you enjoy dance and the arts, we invite you to join us for the 4th annual STEP OF HOPE dance event where awareness to the issue of human trafficking is highlighted.  It will be on July 30th at 6pm at Glendale Community College, California.

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