Step of Hope

For the past five years the dance ministry, Word in Motion out of Life150 Church in North Hollywood, has been hosting a dance show to spread awareness about human trafficking and raise financial support for ZOE International.

Dancers from all over the world come to the Word in Motion Urban Dance Festival in the summer to take dance classes from professional dancers and choreographers in Los Angeles. The festival ends with a benefit show named Step of Hope. This year, ZOE’s co-founder Carol Hart was interviewed on stage by Life 150’s pastor, Tymme Reitz. Carol shared about the huge need for people to rise up and make a stand against human trafficking. She encouraged people to get educated, but also to get involved with volunteering at youth shelters and the foster care population because those are ones who are very vulnerable to trafficking in the United States.

Many dances in this show come with a message of hope and some reflect the horrific reality of modern day slavery. This year’s ending piece left us with words creatively interpreted through dance that said: “Until it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels.” This is the reality for over 20 million people today. That is 20 million too many! The dance was a good wake up call to the seriousness of human trafficking.

We love attending this event; it inspires us to keep fighting the good fight. If you feel compelled to join us and do something to help end human trafficking, we encourage you to check out our outreach program: MyGenMyFight. If you have ideas on awareness or fundraising events, please contact us.

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