Thailand x4!

Guest blogger: Stephanie Chabot

This was my fourth trip to Thailand to serve alongside of ZOE. Every time I go I make sure I have the mindset of no expectations. I always want to make sure of that, because I want to see what God has in store for myself and the team. Each trip has been different in many ways with the teams all having their own flow and unique characteristics. There is an awesome dynamic when people come together as a team to complete tasks, do service projects and outreaches. I love how God uses each of our strengths to work together!

My favorite part of the trip is when I first arrive at the ZOE home.  Every time I see God’s blessings in the many amazing changes that have occurred since my last trip.  I love seeing how God’s hand is on ZOE in so many ways from building projects to a transitional home for the young adults. I love the tour because I get to personally see the growth and blessings that have come to ZOE.

The outreach this year in the village was not only fun, but we witnessed 126 kids come to know Christ as their savior! God tells us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel,” and this is what we did! We were very God focused this trip, from praying for people in the village and the red light district to passing out tracts in the Night Bazar. People were receptive to the tracts as well as welcoming us into their homes in the village and asking us to pray for them.  Their smiles and humble hearts really touched my heart in so many ways. Before I left on this trip I truly felt like this would be my last trip on a team, but now I am not sure as God has spoken other things to me.  As I wait and trust Him for confirmation I will continue to do as I am called, “Go into all the world!”

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