We constantly meet new people at ZOE. We’re always amazed at how people come to know about ZOE. Often it’s “word of mouth”, other times it’s from a ZOE staff member sharing at a community event, school or a church. Sometimes people hear about us through a friend sharing one of our posts on their social media. We are so thankful for all our ZOE friends who passionately share about human trafficking and the work we do to their sphere of influence.

We recently met an awesome professor from LMU (Loyola Marymount University). After hearing some of our staff share about our vision for ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles at an information meeting this spring, Dr. Leung felt moved to get involved. As a Psychology program director, he wanted to connect ZOE to some of his students. He even created an assignment for his college students to engage with high school justice clubs. Not only will Dr. Leung’s own students learn about human trafficking but his students will share with other students that will in turn share with their fellow students that slavery still exists. Our hope is that we can prevent human trafficking by educating as many youth and young adults as possible.

The school year is back in full motion and we have already visited several justice club leaders at various schools who are working passionately to end human trafficking. Our MyGenMyFight outreach program is growing and we are getting some great feedback! We are connecting with new people all the time. It is such a joy to share our mission with others. When connecting with others we never know who we might share with, maybe a future law-enforcement, politician, missionary, social media influencer etc. We continue sharing with as many people as we can, and trust that we will continue to connect with people who will do something to help fight modern day slavery.

Will you help us connect with others by sharing our mission with your friends, your community, and your social media channels?

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