One Very Popular Mushroom Farm

One Very Popular Mushroom Farm

While we have many self sustaining agricultural projects around ZOE, one that’s very popular amongst the family are mushrooms.  Our ZOE family loves mushrooms so much they just can’t get enough of them! Mushrooms are fairly expensive, but thankfully, we have a huge mushroom farm to keep our tastebuds satisfied. 

We recently spent about $640 USD to purchase over 2,100 new seeded logs, which are filled with mushrooms pores, to restock the farm. These logs will continually produce for the next three to four months which will give us about 1,000-2,000 kilos of fresh mushrooms! With 1,500 kilos harvested and the current wholesale price of 70 baht per kilo, we should end up saving over $2,400 USD!


Here is a picture of the VERY FIRST mushroom to sprout from the entire farm!



We have three long shelves that we stacked over 2,100 new mushrooms logs!

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