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From the Field

written by Abigail Jennerson

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what ZOE’s been up to”? Well ask no more! Here’s what’s been happening at ZOE Thailand this month!

The kids were out of school for summer break! Which means camps and activities and fun. We had four camps - two Bible camps, Purity Week and Around the World.

ZOE kid hitting a pinata during Kids Camp.

The kids’ Bible camp theme was “Cooking with Jesus”. Every day, the kids learned key Bible concepts, but with fun correlations to food - “salt of the earth” is a good excuse to make yummy food, right?

The youth had different guest speakers each day for the first week of their Bible camp. And would spend afternoons doing different service projects or activities. And for the second week they were able to participate in a youth revival conference with hundreds of other youth!

Around the World camp was dedicated to teaching our children about different countries and cultures. Can you believe that amongst our missionaries we had 6 different countries to share from?! The kids learned about Japan, Singapore, Ethiopia, Morocco, India and Mexico.

Students in front of fully functional water filtration system.

For purity week, teens attended daily sessions and heard testimonies from missionaries and Thai staff. The teens were educated on what God says about relationships, avoiding peer pressure, purity, boundaries, and dating. At the end of the week, teens had the opportunity to make purity commitments and celebrated with a ring ceremony. It’s was a beautiful time!

The past three years, many of ZOE’s Ministry Bible School students have been able to participate in a water project with Inter Tribal Development Project and Evergreen Baptist Church. This year, the students were able volunteer their time building a fully functional water filtration system and bathrooms for a remote village. During the afternoons, they also put on children's camps. ZOE also held an evening outreach one night, did home visitations, and a Sunday worship service! This village only has two Christian families, so these eight days were a huge opportunity for the gospel.

Fly Fishing Collaborative came and built ZOE a fully functional fish farm! They spent long days in Thailand heat, but it’s done and ZOE is one step closer toward self sustainability.

Plant growth from our fish farm

Fish Farm

The tanks where the fish are held








For the whole month of May, ZOE partnered with SWAT Ministries to bring in certified police academy instructors from the US for a security guard training. This is a new training for ZOE, and we are grateful for the equipping of our guards with the skills they need to keep our children safe!

Jonathan Espy & Chrissy Espy demonstrating for the Security Academy

ZOE Security Team ready for training

Security Team training on the mats







Thai Ministry of Education approved ZOE’s homeschool curriculum, schedule and plans - making ZOE an official learning center! This is an immense blessing for ZOE's children who aren’t able to attend school due to protection or learning disabilities. Joyful Life Learning Center has officially started, opening the door for more of ZOE’s children to receive an official transcript!

We welcomed the newest class of ZOE Ministry School students! 23 young adults in all! Continuing our efforts to equip the Thai nationals to reach their people for Jesus.






As always, there’s lots happening here at ZOE Thailand! We are grateful to look back and see all that was accomplished just in this month!! We praise God! And continue praying for success and progress.

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