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We Need Each Other

“Not one of these kids who have succeeded has done it without connection to at least one supportive adult.”

     Nola Brantley
     Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate, and Educator

An amazing survivor of child trafficking made this statement recently. Her words confirm a basic, well-known truth:

We need each other.

Young survivors of human trafficking can experience success - but they need the support of caring adults throughout the healing process. They need love and acceptance. They need us to listen. They need encouragement, mentoring, shared experiences, and shared laughter.

They need caring adults to live life with them for a long time.

ZOE is preparing to build ZOE Children’s Homes – Los Angeles so we can live life with children as they begin the overcoming process. Will you help make this home a reality by giving your time, talent, or finances? Will you pray about becoming a foster parent or mentor who walks alongside a young person throughout the long and valuable journey toward lasting freedom?

One caring adult can make all the difference.


For more information, please contact the ZOE office at (661) 255-7963 or info@gozoe.org.

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