A Successful Village Outreach

A Successful Village Outreach

written by Les Ginoza

The August 2017 Short Term Team recently accompanied our bible school and human trafficking awareness team to do a joint outreach to a small village just outside the area of Hot, in Northern Thailand.

This village had approximately 100 homes with an estimated 600-700 people. 

Our entire team went house to house, meeting and greeting everyone in the village and invited them to our evening outreach. 

95 people came out to see our presentation, which included games, dramas, singing, a short human trafficking awareness program and also lots of FUN! 

Little did we know, the pastor from the next village over met us to watch the events unfolding and told us an incredible story.

He was amazed at the response of our presentation. His church tried to do an outreach at this same village but the people of the village threw rocks at his congregation! 

They were not receptive to the gospel at all!  This was a miracle to see all these villagers welcoming the team and actively participating with us!  The favor of God truly was on this group!

The next day, we presented a human trafficking awareness program at the local school.  It was a day filled with games, crafts, activities, dramas, evangelistic themes and a human trafficking awareness presentation. 

There were about 70 children and they laughed, loved and connected with everyone from our short-term team, ZOE bible school and staff.  To top it off, we ended the day by giving every child a goodie bag filled with some of their favorite candies! 

Many of the children accepted JESUS and the teachers were genuinely appreciative of everything that we did for the school!  We left the village entirely spent as most of the team simply slept on the way back!  They gave everything they could, but it was ENTIRELY WORTH IT, because GOD was GLORIFIED!

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