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Even in the Midst of Transition

Even in the Midst of Transition

By Karen Miyamoto

If you have been following ZOE long enough, you know by now that there are things always happening at the ZOE USA office.  From going to conferences to meeting with church pastors to big projects like opening up ZOE Children’s Homes Los Angeles, the USA staff is always on their toes keeping busy with the various projects. 

Currently the USA office is going through a big transition.  The office in which we called home for the past 14 years is no longer our home.  We are moving!  Though we have not found a permanent office location yet, we are super excited and very much looking forward to a new office space that we will be able to grow with.  Great things are to come for the USA office!

Every month, our faithful volunteers trek to our office to assist us with prepping and assembling the newsletters and postcards many of you receive in the mail.  Well now without an office for our volunteers to come to, this was going to be a big challenge.  Where could we go that would hold the many volunteers that come out to lend a helping hand and in addition, have a large enough space where we had room to work?

Here’s a photo of just a few of our dedicated volunteers

It was then that God provided.  One of our dear and generous volunteers offered to open up her home on a monthly basis until we find an office so that our volunteers had a place to work and also so that we can continue to stay connected with you all with our mailings!  It was such a huge blessing!  I must admit that I was a bit worried in the beginning since the home was in the valley and many of our volunteers lived in Santa Clarita.  Would our volunteers drive to the valley just to help us with our mailings?  To my surprise, many if not all of our volunteers said the would make the drive because they wanted to help!  I was so humbled and honored.  We have the best volunteers in the whole universe!

Thank you ZOE volunteers for going above and beyond the call of duty and lending a hand during this transition.  You guys are the BEST!


Will Zoe be doing anything in the South Bay part of L A ? Do you currently have children’s homes in the LA area?

At this point we don’t have a home in LA yet, but have bought land and are in the permitting process for Northern LA county. At this time, we are not in the South Bay area. To keep updated with what we are doing, you can follow us on social media or sign up for our email updates (see the bottom of the page.) Thank you so much for your interest in ZOE!

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