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To Dance or to Bike…that is the Question!

by Hanne Fellers

Art and artistic expressions can move you and make you feel emotions such as feelings for compassion, love and joy that are needed to be felt in our world today. When you hear your favorite song, it can bring specific memories and emotions to mind.

Dance, is also a wonderful creative expression, an art form indeed. We’ve learned from trafficking survivors that dance can be very healing.

On October 2nd, we will be launching the Dance 4 Freedom Challengewww.gozoe.org/dance.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer, you can still be a part of this challenge!

If you’ve been following ZOE for more than a year, you’ve probably seen or heard that about our Annual ZOE Rescue Walk. This year we decided not to host the Walk but we still need your involvement to keep ZOE going. Therefore we are hosting this Dance 4 Freedom Challenge as well as the  Road of Justice Coast 2 Coast Bike Ride. We hope that you can engage with us in one or both events. We need your assistance to be able to continue doing prevention work, rescue children and help bring restoration to those that are hurting.

This late summer we were a part of the Step of Hope Dance Benefit that Word in Motion Dance Company out of Life150 Church in North Hollywood hosted for the 6th year in a row. At this event I felt so many emotions. Mostly good, but I must admit, I also felt nervous, frustrated and sad. Nervous, because I was speaking at the event. Frustrated because through the dances and artistic expressions, it was clear that human trafficking is a growing problem. Sad, because the reality of slavery is heartbreaking.

This years event started off with a spoken word by DJ Baluyot. His message was so well prepared and executed with so many facts.

He talked about the reality of kids and teens today seeking acceptance through social media and starving for real love and attention, and how some take advantage of this and prey on the youth in our society. We hope to continue educating our youth about the dangers of human trafficking. But we need your help to do so. We hope you will join us for the Dance 4 Freedom challenge or Road of Justice Bike Ride.

Watch the spoken word here:

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