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Relentless Leaders

by Marji Iacovetti

ZOE representatives were invited to speak briefly at the last two meetings of the LA County Board of Supervisors as our top county officials considered motions related to human trafficking. We were honored to share insights based on ZOE’s experience. 

During both meetings, every member of the board expressed a genuine commitment to fighting to protect vulnerable individuals from traffickers. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas made a particularly impassioned statement:

“May I say for the record, we do not believe that our children are for sale…And if anyone was under the mistaken impression that we were engaging in this issue because it was in vogue or it was the fad of the time, let me just simply say, ‘Indeed, you were mistaken. We will not relent.’”

We were moved by his words. It is a blessing to have government leaders who share our passion to end child trafficking.

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