What’s your role?

What’s your role?

by Abigail Jennerson

“I dive for passion and always wondered if it would have purpose. Last two weeks was what I prepared for my entire life.”

This is a quote from a British cave diver who, last month, found the 11 boys who were trapped in a cave in Thailand. If you didn’t see it all over the media, just type “Thailand”, “cave”, “boys”, and “trapped” into Google, in no specific order, and you’ll find countless blogs, videos, and news articles covering the story.

This international mission broke out to find a group of boys who needed rescue. People offered their expertise. They gave up their fields. Their lives. All of these people playing a unique role, yet each with the same purpose of seeing these 11 boys rescued.

It filled me with such hope! The world came together with such passion and selflessness to ensure FREEDOM for these 11 boys.

Did you know that there are 20 million people still awaiting their rescue?


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