Partnering and Impacting

Partnering and Impacting

On a recent trip to Australia, ZOE founders Michael and Carol Hart along with ZOE missionaries, David and Andrea Cross, had the privilege of teaming up with the Entrust Foundation to host an awareness dinner about ZOE’s work in Thailand as well as internationally.

Entrust Foundation’s passion is to serve the poor and oppressed in partnership with donors and project implementers. They support individuals and communities living in tough places and see themselves as the link between donors who wish to make a difference and trusted local partners working to change lives.  The Entrust Foundation works in 15 nations with people of all cultures, genders and religious beliefs, to enable long-term change through co-operatively funding community development projects in some of the toughest places on earth.

The Entrust Foundation gives towards ZOE’s prevention program in South East Asia and helps to fund ZOE prevention campaigns in schools as well as outreaches in transient and vulnerable areas such as Thai migrant and refugee camps.

There were so many positive comments throughout the evening as well as words of encouragement about the work going on at ZOE.  The thing that stood out the most though was how impacted the wait staff working at the venue were. They stopped what they were doing and listened so intently as Michael, Carol and David shared. We trust that the message was just as impacting for them too.

It was obvious that not only the guests but that every single person in the room that night got to hear about ZOE’s work walked away excited and determined to see child trafficking eradicated as well as more aware of what can be done to make that happen.

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Dear Mike and Carol,
You are becoming “famous” all over the world. I am so proud to know you! Such an inspiring man and woman of God! I pray for you everytime God brings you to mind. Zoe is the #1 ministry who deserves everyone’s support!

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