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Barista Training in Full Effect

by Andrea Cross

I admit it; I’m probably a little bit of a fussy coffee drinker. I’m not knowledgeable enough about all-things-coffee to be called a coffee-snob but high maintenance enough to not just drink anything.  

I know people who can drink any type of coffee: filtered, drip, percolated, cold brew, and they’re not picky about how strong it is, or whether it has a burnt, bitter or smooth taste – they just need coffee! But not me… I would rather go without coffee altogether and suffer the consequences of a caffeine-withdrawal-headache than drink coffee that I don’t like.

So aside from all the obvious benefits of ZOE’s vocational training program, like equipping students with marketable educational and vocational skills, I get so excited when I see the commitment from our Vocational School teachers who are helping to prepare children to enter adulthood with the skills necessary to provide a decent and honorable living.

can testify to the fact that the barista training, which takes students on a journey of learning all about different types of coffee beans, the machines involved (grinder and roaster), milk frothing techniques and money handling skills, is successfully helping to provide a marketable job skill in a hands-on way.

Unfortunately, over the years, I have tasted a lot of not-so-good coffees as I have been out and about, but not at ZOE! The training is spot on and the coffees they are producing are delicious.

What’s also good about the barista training, as well as most of the other vocational training courses, is that they can take place on the ZOE campus. This ensures that all of the children in ZOE’s care – including those with higher levels of safety risk – have the opportunity to learn. This also enables ZOE to provide the training in a cost-effective manner. Each 20-week training unit has been designed to serve as either a stand-alone vocational training resource or as a component of a broader vocational education.

What’s not to love about that?

But back to drinking coffee… there are actually many health benefits, which I’m sure you know, but even if there wasn’t, I’d be happy to sample the ZOE Vocational School’s coffee-making efforts any day!

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