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Internships Off Campus

by Lori-Ann Tsang

We firmly believe that God “knows the plans He has for our children… plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future.”  We not only believe this for each of the children in our care; we believe this for every child - even those who have not yet been rescued.

Practically this belief is realized in everyday pouring into their lives.  Teaching them, loving them and in giving them opportunities to expand their learning and broaden their horizons. 

During a recent school break, our staff and teachers arranged for our 9th graders to do a week of internship with some local businesses. They were able to intern at a motorcycle service shop, a village restaurant or a shop at the local hot springs.  The shop owners were very impressed with our youth as they acted in a responsible, enthusiastic and hard-working manner. The skills learned, and time spent doing these internships, sowed important values and skills into our children’s lives.

Did you know that the majority of working class Thai nationals, ride motorcycles?  Cars are very much a luxury. Therefore learning how to service and repair a motorcycle will serve them well as future working class community members.  The time working alongside local business people gave them a real glimpse of what “adult” life will look like. The 9th graders came away understanding more about themselves, what is required and expected in a typical working environment and whether they would continue to pursue work in these areas or not.

Just the other week, a few of us visited the local hot springs to grab a meal together. At the end of the meal, after realizing we were from ZOE, the owner again spoke of how wonderful the students who interned with her had been.  What a privilege to be a part of God’s plans for our children’s hope and future!

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