What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

By Andrea Cross

Many children

Many children who come to ZOE’s Child Rescue Center do not have the correct documentation or citizenship papers to attend some educational institutions or, later in life, apply for certain jobs. Without the right documents, children and young adults can feel restricted in terms of their future job and study prospects.    

Part of what our ZOE Child Rescue team (ZCR) does is to travel, sometimes for many hours, to search for any helpful leads or useful information for children in this situation.

Team Members

One of our ZCR team members recently came back very excited after finding an ID card and a school to access important documentation for one of our newly rescued girls. Now she can obtain the certificate she needs to apply for a non-formal education program she wants to attend, and she was also able to get her first bank book!

While this type of work may be tedious, tiring, and non glamorous, it can be some of the most life changing for the children we help. This girl now has the opportunity to continue her education, and as she moves forward in life, her vulnerability and the likelihood of her being re-victimized is reduced.


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