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Breakdown or Breakthrough?

By Andrea Cross

ZOE Thailand

Not long ago, half of ZOE’s adult Ministry School students were invited to help at a youth camp alongside another ministry. They went to help them as volunteers; praying for the youth, serving food, and cleaning up. It was a wonderful experience working together and being part of a much bigger team. At this camp, there were around 200 youth in attendance and 45 of them gave their lives to Jesus. What an amazing breakthrough!

After all the excitement of the day though, and when they had finished helping, the ZOE team piled into the truck to return home but unexpectedly their truck broke down along the way. Having to wait for another truck to pick them up, they ended up getting back very late, around midnight.

One of the Ministry School teachers commented that what was really encouraging to her was that none of the students complained at all while having to wait. They were all praising God for the breakthroughs they had seen at the camp, not focusing on the breakdown of the truck. This is such a beautiful testimony of their servant hearts!

Published by: Andrea Cross in Thailand

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