Top Things You Need to KNOW About Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Facts

“Human trafficking is happening in your subdivision, my subdivision, in apartment complexes, and everybody is unaware of it.” – Louisiana State Representative Valerie Hodges

KNOW the Stats

Exact human trafficking statistics are difficult to collect because of the hidden nature of trafficking. Labor and sex trafficking are the main forms of human trafficking worldwide. Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking on some level.

  • Globally, one in five victims are children.
  • Women make up two-thirds of the victims.
  • The market value of human trafficking profits is $32 billion.
  • At any given time, up to 27 million people are being trafficked.
  • As many as 300,000 children are at risk of being prostituted.
  • The average age of entry into prostitution for a child victim in the United States is 13-14 years old.
  • One in three teens on the street will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.
  • The average victim may be forced to have sex up to 20-48 times a day.

KNOW the Signs

Anyone can become a human trafficking victim. Many victims are often hidden in plain sight right in front of us in our everyday lives (i.e. construction sites, restaurants, elder care centers, nail salons, agricultural fields, massage parlors, homes)

  • Poor work and living conditions
  • Not in control of her own money or identification docs
  • Isn’t allowed to speak for herself
  • Seems anxious, fearful, or paranoid. Avoids eye contact
  • Shows signs of abuse
  • Inconsistencies in her story
  • Never alone or able to speak for herself
  • Alcohol or drug dependency

KNOW the Sources

Know where to get help. When people are aware of the signs of human trafficking and know where to find help, it is easier for human trafficking victims to be identified and then given assistance. Human trafficking survivors are often discovered because someone saw the signs and contacted authorities.


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