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Children’s Day

ZOE Thailand

By Lori-Ann Tsang

In January, Thailand celebrates Children’s Day with a plethora of different activity options for parents to bring their children to. The flurry, busyness, and crowds of the day may seem a little over-the-top and daunting, that one may feel it is not worth the effort to try to bring your children out to these events. Yet the crowds are everywhere.

Why do parents do it? When I reflect on it, I have to compare it to Disneyland. As an adult, I may not have much desire to go to “the happiest place on earth.” I don’t like crowds or lines and the rides may not be of much interest to me. But, when I think about the wonder, awe, and joy it would bring to a child I love...that would motivate me to face the things I don’t enjoy for the sake of bringing joy to someone I love.

Our parents and Next Gen team took our ZOE children on an adventure to Wing 41, a Thai Air Force Base. They enjoyed eating snacks, playing games, climbing on fighter jets, meeting pilots, seeing a dog show, and then watching an air show. What a wonderful day they had.

Children need adventure. Children need to laugh and play and see new things. ZOE strives to give each child every opportunity to be a child. We celebrate their precious lives! We are so thankful for the gift they are.  

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