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Hospitality Training

ZOE Thailand

By Lori Ortenzi

Girls studying at ZOE’s Learning Center began a 6-week Hospitality Course recently. Instructor and ZOE missionary Lori Ortenzi reflected on their first day.

The students had no idea what to expect from their cooking class today. There was a mixture of excitement and nervousness as we drove to the market together. The best part of the day was during our drive, one of the students asked to play a worship song. All of the students began to sing and after the song was over, one of the students asked, “Mae, can you please pray now?”

The cooking school provided an instructor and clean up staff for our private group of students. The students were only asked to cook and eat their food. However, the students wanted to wash all of their dishes, pots, and pans. Our students stopped to pray before our meal. The staff was so impressed and their instructor was impacted by their kindness and good manners.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach our students and for the donors who wanted to provide this cooking class for our students to learn in a different environment. Through the 6-week course, they are learning how to shop for ingredients and developing confidence to make a few smaller recipes by themselves.

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