Wai Kru Day


ZOE Thailand

By Andrea Cross

Teacher’s day is celebrated in many countries around the world but Teacher’s Day or ‘Wai Kru Day’, as it’s called in Thailand, is a day when students show respect to their teachers by participating in school ceremonies to honor their teachers.

Many teachers around Thailand are given awards for outstanding service, for their attention to teaching and their love to guide their students. The teachers at the ZOE Learning Center, love teaching and do it wholeheartedly but one teacher reflected, “Though we may not get outstanding awards like other teachers, we have happiness and have peace as we serve God because we know He called us to come and serve here at ZOE. We help and teach students with God’s love, and we don’t do it for ourselves, but for our students and to honour God.”

We are so thankful that the amazing ZOE teachers answered the call to use their skills and talents to guide and educate the students in the Learning Center.


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