Lessons from Thailand


ZOE Thailand

By Gaye Obenchain, January 2019 USA Joint Short Term Team Member

Every year, two short term teams come to ZOE Thailand from the United States. We are privileged to have so many wonderful people over the years from all over the U.S. come to see first hand what God is doing through ZOE.

Gaye Obenchain, came to Thailand for the second time this past January.  

“On my first trip, I was so impressed by ZOE’s heart and intentional mission to spread the good news of Jesus. When I returned this year, I was even more impressed. Their focus has not changed…it still is all about Jesus. Yes, they rescue. Yes, they restore.  Yes, they educate. But all for the purpose of making sure that everyone has a chance to hear the Gospel. Their servant hearts, their humility, their joy, their hope is all about Jesus and it is evident in the faces and the worship of the kids, the missionaries, and the entire staff that sacrifice to make this place a reality.

As our team came alongside to serve, there were so many opportunities to see Christ at work. The outreach to the village had its moments of discomfort but it only served to remind us that it is all about Him. The work day gave us the advantage of getting dirty and realizing that by allowing Christ to plant good things in us, it will keep the good soil from eroding away, that sometimes we need to be power-washed to get rid of the mold that can grow in the rainy season, that ditches need to be dug to drain off the excess and dead branches need to be pruned to make way for new growth.

Teaching English lessons, participating in the cultural exchange, even our day off put us in places of seeing the beauty of Jesus at work as we experienced new people, places, and ways of living.

Upon returning to the U.S., I am praying that what I have seen and experienced on this wonderful trip will help me to remember that it truly is about Jesus and that in any, and every circumstance, someone is waiting to hear about Him.”


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