Can we build it? Yes, we can!

ZOE Thailand

By Brandon Kim

A few months ago it was brought to our vocational teacher’s attention that when working on computers, the students’ posture could be improved with the correct ergonomics. This led to a search for the right monitor stand but ended with the conclusion, “We could make one just like that for 1/6 of the price,” and, “DIY projects are way more fun!”

Since that time, students have been building their confidence using the power tools necessary for any basic woodworking job and, more recently, have learned the technical skills of mechanical drafting and computer-based 3D modeling.

At the beginning of this month, with instructional support from trainers, the students drafted a design for a monitor stand by hand, created it using SketchUp, and then crafted it to specification. Though fairly simple, the construction process also allowed them to experiment with various jointing and finishing techniques. All in all, the students built eight matching stands and were thus inspired to create their own custom designs for larger full-sized tables.


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